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Transparent Stirrup, How To Spruce Teeth Without Wire

Transparent stirrup can be a solution for people who want to tidy their teeth but feel that the use of stirrup or braces can interfere with appearance. As technology develops, more choices of types and materials for stirrup gear. Initially stirrup shaped like an arrangement of wires that enclose the teeth, so it is less unsightly. But now, there are transparent stirrups that are aesthetically better than ordinary braces. What Is Transparent Stirrup? Transparent stirrup is made of thin and transparent plastic or acrylic. This material is known as clear semielastic polyurethane aligners or abbreviated as clear aligners. This stirrup will be printed according to the shape of your teeth, so that it can cover the entire surface of the teeth. Transparent stirrup can be used by teens or adults. Stirrup is usually used to straighten tenuous teeth that are mild or teeth that are less neat. Severed teeth and cameh teeth, or very messy teeth cannot be overcome with transparent stirrup. Un
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Get to know the Ventilator, its benefits and disadvantages

A ventilator is a machine that functions to support or assist breathing. Ventilators are often needed by patients who cannot breathe on their own, either because of an illness or because of a severe injury. The purpose of using this tool is for patients to get adequate oxygen intake. Through a ventilator, patients who have difficulty breathing independently can be helped to breathe and get air like normal breathing. The ventilator machine will regulate the process of inhaling and exhaling the patient. The ventilator will pump air for a few seconds to deliver oxygen to the patient's lungs, then stop pumping so that the air comes out automatically from the lungs. How to use a ventilator Before installing a ventilator on the patient, the doctor will intubate to insert a special tube through the mouth, nose, or hole made in the front of the patient's neck (tracheostomy). After the intubation is complete, the ventilator will then be connected to the tube. The use of ventilato

Important Facts about Blood Viscosity

Compared to other health conditions, blood viscosity disorders may still not be widely known by the public. In fact, it is important to pay attention to blood viscosity levels as a measure of your body's health. Blood viscosity disorders can not be considered trivial. Some diseases such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, pulmonary embolism and venous thrombosis (DVT), can occur due to blood viscosity that is not detected and treated properly. Facts About Blood Viscosity Here are some facts about blood viscosity that should be known: The factor that most influences blood viscosity is red blood cells In women, the number and normal size of red blood cells is around 36-46% of blood volume, while in men is around 41-53%. Several other factors can increase blood viscosity such as high lipid levels, certain medications, and other disease conditions such as cancer and diabetes. When excess blood viscosity then the movement will slow down When blood viscosity occurs